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Our Mission, Ethos and values

I can learn, you can have friends, we can grow together

Our Mission

Exeter House School is committed to active, creative, reflective learning, maximised by encouragement to each individual pupil to achieve their best in every aspect of their development. We celebrate innovation and are committed to nurturing high self- esteem and respect for others. We believe that everyone can learn, both socially and academically, becoming dynamic, independent thinkers with a lifelong love of learning. We believe this is best achieved by asking questions, solving problems and making thoughtful decisions. Our inclusive, flexible, personalised learning programmes stretch our more able and support those with additional and complex needs.

Examples of the impact include:

  • Raising the standards of teaching and learning through the appointment and retention of high quality staff and through the fostering of a technological approach to learning making use of new hard and software.
  • Improved results; a highly personalised curriculum to motivate and inspire students to achieve more than they ever thought possible.
  • Development of therapeutic based interventions to create engagement and accelerate learning; for example Sensory Integration and Intensive Interaction.
  • Development of a total communication approach to ensure our students are given a voice and have every opportunity to communicate.
  • Development of a trauma informed approach which is embedded throughout our curriculum and across the school day.
  • Positive behaviour strategies and support for our students consistently used throughout the school day by all staff across the school.

Ethos and Values

We believe that sustainable learning can occur only when there is meaningful engagement. The process of engagement is a journey which connects a child and their environment (including people, ideas, materials and concepts) to enable learning and achievement to take place. Every child is individual and every child is unique. Every child can learn and our core business of Exeter House is to maximise the potential that exists in every child through carefully tailored, inspiring teaching that builds on the individual’s interests and prior knowledge. A wide range of professionals ably support teachers and teaching assistants in adapting the National Curriculum to deliver learning that is challenging, engaging and fun.

Nothing is more important to us than equipping our young people to live as independently as possible once they leave Exeter House; in fact we are passionate about it. Planned learning activities beyond the classroom and mini-enterprise projects combined with a bespoke curriculum help out students engage and contribute positively to the wider world. These work experience opportunities help our pupils become increasingly independent and establish a valuable and meaningful role in society. We have strong partnerships with Integrated Youth Services, outside agencies and the wider learning community which include local schools, colleges and our special school partners.

Of  upmost importance is the safeguarding of our students.  All staff receive regular high quality training and are fully supported to ensure that our students are safe and secure.  Students are confident about who to turn to if they have any worries. Any safeguarding concerns are quickly passed on to the Designated Safeguarding Lead who acts promptly where action is required.

From strong links with Riding for the Disabled to swimming and hydrotherapy, our own Forest School and a number of after-school activities, Exeter House provides a range of activities to extend and enrich. We are proud of our creative emphasis, our older students are involved in working and performing with our local orchestra “La Folia” and we have our own music specialist who provides group and individual therapy.